While a recent study has identified that we do not have a shortage of parking, many individuals still continue to find it difficult to find ideal parking. A more serious concern is that many people in our community have limited mobility, whether they are unable to afford a motor vehicle, or choose not to have one.

To address the perceived parking problem, it may not be desirable to infill green space or to replace our building stock with more parking. However, Car Sharing is an option which can reduce demand for our existing parking supply and also provide greater mobility options for people with a valid driver’s license.

Car Sharing can potentially serve all demographics of our community. It can give access to a vehicle to those living on social assistance, retired residents living with a limited pension, or simply people wishing to save money by not owning a personal vehicle. It’s an option that can allow families to avoid purchasing a second or third vehicle. It is also a great alternative for StFx students, allowing them to come to Antigonish without their own vehicle, while maintaining the ability to explore the Antigonish Area and beyond.

Car Sharing can support local business by allowing Car Sharing members to choose the mode, or the mix of transportation modes, that will best suit any particular trip. This enables people to more efficiently visit businesses throughout our community, while also freeing up their spending money.

Car Sharing can support public transit, active transportation, taxi services, and privately owned vehicles by allowing members to choose the mode, or the mix of transportation modes, that will best suit any trip. This is particularly true for County residents who can rely on Antigonish Community Transit or local taxi services to bring them into Town, and can then enjoy the ability to go anywhere on their own schedule by getting into a shared car.

Take This Survey to let us know about your travel habits and if you could imagine yourself having complete mobility at a fraction of the cost!

For more information on this initiative, or to share your thoughts on improving transportation in and around Town please contact the Department of Planning and Building Services at 902-318-1581.

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