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Facilities Update - Regional Field Lighting

The Town has issued an RFP for the removal of the lights around the Regional Sport Field (Central Field).

In the fall one of the overhead field lights broke off the base and fell onto the field. As a result, the Town had to close the field for public safety. Further assessments have determined there is too much potential for further damage and risk to safety. Therefore, all the overhead lights around the field need to be removed. The Town does not have a timeline determined for the installation of new lights and is currently reviewing the best source of new field lighting.

In the meantime, once the lighting is removed the Town will re-open the field for public use during daytime hours. The Town will share a notice when the removal of the lights is scheduled to take place and when bookings of the field will re-open.

The Town understands that having one of our community’s largest fields closed for such a long period of time has been a challenge and thanks everyone for their patience. Safety is always a top priority and the Town is committed to ensuring all users of the field have access to a safe space for physical activity.

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