1Acceptance of Gifts Policy56.19 KB
2Advertising Policy24.99 KB
3Advisory Committee Policy1.9 MB
4Application for Kennel License229.71 KB
5Appointment of Council Members to Community Committees Policy21.2 KB
6Appointment of Deputy Mayor Policy35.99 KB
7Audit Committee Policy45.45 KB
8Chisholm Park Usage Policy39.51 KB
9Claims Against the Town527.17 KB
10Code of Conducto for Town of Antigonish Council1.25 MB
11Committee of the Whole Policy119.47 KB
12Community Grants Policy385.75 KB
13Contractor Safety Policy1.79 MB
14Corporate Credit Card Policy2.03 MB
15Crosswalk Policy30.5 KB
16Education and Confernece Policy for Council420.26 KB
17Emergency Measures Designate Policy18.11 KB
18Executive Committee Policy60.98 KB
19Fair Play Policy23.62 KB
20Fire Hall Usage Policy27.63 KB
21Fire Inspections Policy1.06 MB
22Fire Protection Rate Policy112.41 KB
23Graffiti Removal Policy369.83 KB
24Healthy Eating Policy2.2 MB
25Human Resources Policy366.42 KB
26Idling Policy38.58 KB
27Inspection and Fees of Electrical Installations Policy249.5 KB
28Instructor Qualification Policy24.55 KB
29Inter municipal agreement policy295.35 KB
30James River Watershed Stewardship Board Policy568.01 KB
31JJ Carroll Awards Program Policy221.55 KB
32Joint Council Committee Policy844.13 KB
33Low Income Property Tax Exemption Policy568.4 KB
34Media and Communications Policy51.06 KB
35Media Written Information Release Policy34.78 KB
36Municipal Food and Nutrition Policy2.2 MB
37Municipal Services Policy192.81 KB
38Municipal User Fees Policy1014.74 KB
39Pesticide Policy528.61 KB
40Phone Polls Policy16.76 KB
41Poster and Signage Policy505.49 KB
42Procurement Policy3.24 MB
43Public Hearing Policy1.03 MB
44Public Participation Program Policy53.18 KB
45Records Management Policy764.71 KB
46Respecting the Raising of Flags and Hanging Banners from Town-owned Property612.74 KB
47Risk management Policy36.34 KB
48Snow Removal for Street Parking Meters Policy64.64 KB
49Solar Connectivity Policy858.63 KB
50Storm Drainage Policy12.99 KB
51Sympathy and Gifts Policy327.71 KB
52Travel Policy730.02 KB
53Tree Planting and Removal Policy862.5 KB
54Use of Council Chambers Policy541.04 KB
55Volunteer Fire Dept Purchasing And Finance Policy922.13 KB
56Water Meters Policy11.27 KB
57Workplace Health and Wellness Policy363.37 KB

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