Seasonal Maintenance

The Town performs a number of key maintenance services on a seasonal basis. These include:

Recreational Spaces Maintenance

The Town of Antigonish Recreation Department employs maintenance staff from mid-April until November 1st each year. These staff are responsible for maintenance of our fields, parks, paths, tennis courts, and mowing of public streets. Please note: Fields, parks, paths, and tennis courts are not maintained during the winter months.

Streets and Sidewalks

Each year, the Town of Antigonish undertakes regular maintenance on its streets and sidewalks, which includes paving and patching, centre line painting, and crosswalk painting. 

2017 - Federal Gas Tax Announcement

For 2017, the Town of Antigonish recieved $307,195 in Gas Tax money from the Government of Canada for a Street Paving Initiative. These funds have been allocated to the following paving projects: 

- Upper Hawthorne Street

- Thompson Drive

- MacLellan Street

- Pine Street

- Orchard Terrace

- Hillside Drive

2017 Tentative Paving Schedule

The following list is intended to provide our residents with the Town's tentative fall paving schedule: 

  • St. Ninian St/West St - September 5 - 13
  • Hawthorne St - September 11 - 15
  • MacDougall St - September 11 - 15
  • Thompson St - September 12 - 18
  • Hillside Dr - September 12 - 18
  • Pine St - September 13 - 19
  • Orchard Terrace - September 13 - 19
  • MacLellan St - September 14 - 20

**Please be advised that these dates are tentative and may be subject to change given weather, mechanical issues, or other circumstances** 

Snow Clearing

Following a snowfall, first priority is given to major arterial streets used by emergency responders. Once these streets have been cleared, crews qill move toward cleaning subdivision areas. Areas services by sidewalks on both sides of the street can expect at least one side of the walk clearned. 

Clearing our Streets and Sidewalks

Following a major snow fall, the Town’s number one priority is to make the main thoroughfares passable for emergency access vehicles. Accordingly, our efforts are focused on the arterial streets such as Main St., Church St., West St., and Hawthorne St., followed by collector streets such as Highland Dr., Braemore Ave., Brookland St., and Xavier Dr. Once snow clearing on these roads is reasonably complete, our focus shifts to subdivision areas and road widening in an effort to improve driving conditions through the Town.

Sidewalks are generally cleared after street clearing activity has commenced. Similar to our street clearing work, sidewalks are cleared according to a routing schedule, with priority being given to sidewalks which bring children to and from school. Moreover, when extreme conditions prevail, one sidewalk per street will be cleared before the second sidewalk is opened.

Our Focus is Safe, Accessible Streets

During periods of high accumulation, the Town’s main focus is having our streets accessible, and ensuring that storm drainage and fire hydrants are cleared. With all our clearing operations, efforts are made by our plow operators to lessen the amount of snow that is moved in a way that poses an inconvenience to residents, where possible, but obstacles such as trees, power poles, fences, and hedges can pose challenges to the placement of snow as it is plowed. Depending on the severity of the conditions and nature of the snow fall, the Town may need to push snow well back from the curb area, into driveways and onto lawns. Efforts are also made to remove snow banks from various areas across the Town, but this work is generally limited to our downtown business areas, selected intersections, and various sharp street curves within subdivisions that may have an impact on driving visibility. These secondary clearing efforts are impacted by available budgets

More Information

For information regarding recreational space maintenance, please contact the Department of Recreation

For information regarding maintenance to streets, sidewalks, and public property, please contact the Department of Public Works. 

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