The hills and beaches of Antigonish are rich with natural history. Nature lovers enjoy exploring our hiking trails, beaches and wildlife filled salt marshes.

Great for walking, biking, running, jogging and even cross-country skiing, nature lovers of all ages will find the Antigonish Landing a wonderful refuge. Created in 1967 through the initiative of the Antigonish Fish and Game Association, the Landing is a 2 square kilomtere wildlife sanctuary on the east end of town built around an estuary – an area of brackish water forming a transitionary area for animals between fresh and salt water.

Bird watchers will find the walk through the Landing most rewarding as the area provides breeding ground for a wide variety of indigenous bird life. Predatory birds such as osprey and bald eagles use the area for feeding and six species of breeding ducks frequent the Landing. One may also see great blue heron and Canada geese, cranes, gulls and little sand pipers. Fish, beaver, muskrats can be found if you look hard enough.

Located 11 kilometres from the town of Antigonish just off the Trans-Canada Highway 104, Beaver Mountain Provincial Park’s network of roads and trails around the park provides opportunities for everyone. Head up for a walk or a bike ride, or a cross-country ski in the winter. Full of various species of trees and wildlife. Take a look at the spectacular view of the town from the entrance of the park.

Ten minutes west of town sits Keppoch Mountain. No matter the season, you can hike up any of the nine cleared trails or the lift line, looking for rabbits, deer and other wildlife which make the mountain their home. Visitors can hike, bike, or cross-country ski on cleared trails and take in the fantastic view of the lowlands of Antigonish. Travel any of the surrounding roads for an offroad adventure over the mountain.

Brown's Mountain is a great spot for hikers, snowmobilers, and mountain bikers. Its network of roads make for a scenic and peaceful hike. At the top of the mountain you will find "Cutie's Hollow" and a spring to quench your thirst. Take the trail opposite the spring in to James River Falls. This a challenging hike as you make your way down steep trails to the base of the falls.

About 27 kilometres south of the town of Antigonish, along Route 7, lies Lochaber Lake. A charming countryside surrounds the 13 kilometres stretch of water. Try the unpaved road along the west side where Lochaber provides a lovely and peaceful bike ride. In the afternoon, a picnic is a great idea, as are bathing suits, to help you appreciate the area.

The Cape George Lighthouse is 30 kilometres from the town of Antigonish on Route 337, part of the Cape George Mini-Trail. Since 1895, it lit the waters of St. George's Bay. The lighthouse sits 1000 feet above the bay and its panoramic view takes in Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. A camera is a must.

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