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Information for Residents of Indian Gardens

The following are questions the Town has received from residents living in Indian Gardens Trailer Park. If you have any additional questions, please phone Town Hall at 902-863-2351.

Question: If I am unable to return to my home until repairs are complete is there support available?
Answer: Yes, the Department of Community Service will be able to provide longer-term accommodations for those who need them.

Question: If residents require assistance in giving the home inspector access to underneath the home will there be anyone available to help? 
Answer: Yes, the Town will be able to provide assistance if required.

Question: If repairs are needed on my home, will a list of contractors be provided?
Answer: Yes, EMO will contact Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and provide a list of reputable companies from the area that would be able to complete the required work.

Question: If I have someone available now to do the repair work needed, can I get them to start work right away?
Answer: Yes, you can start the repair work now and if there is a program to which you would be available for funding you would still qualify. Please keep receipts and take pictures before and after the work starts.

Question: Will I be allowed to go back to my home to gather my items if it is determined my home will need repairs or is deemed uninhabitable?
Answer: Should you enter your property prior to an official response on your inspection, it is at your own risk.

Question: If my home has been deemed uninhabitable, what happens to the damaged items inside?
Answer: If a home has been uninhabitable, Eastern District Planning Commission has a process they must follow, and the home will be scheduled for immediate demolition. Anything that remains inside will be removed and destroyed as a part of the demolition process.

Question: Is there someone who will look at the items and materials I have outside to determine if anything can be salvaged?
Answer: The first priority is the homes in the area. It has still yet to be determined if there will be any funding available for secondary buildings, vehicles, lawn equipment, etc. At this stage, it is recommended that you take pictures and document any personal property that you note to be damaged.

Question: Where should I dispose of debris from inside or outside of my home?
Answer: The Town has delivered two dumpsters onsite. The larger unit is for garbage/debris, the smaller unit is for household hazardous materials such as cleaners.

Question: If there anyone available to come and help lift debris into the dumpsters?
Answer: if you have more physically able or do not have any other options, you are advised to contact the Town Hall to explain your situation and where possible assistance will be provided.

Question: If I do not have access to the internet and do not have a data plan on my cell phone can resources be made available.
Answer: The Town will check to see if there are any programs available through EMO or Red Cross.

Question: What if I can’t return home and need support to maintain my specific dietary requirements?
Answer: Any residents who are not able to return home and require special dietary plans should contact the Red Cross.

Question: I was told that I can return to my home. However, my heat pump is no longer working, and I have no other sources of heat, what should I do?
Answer: Please contact the Red Cross to discuss your situation.

To download a printable version of these questions,  pdf click here.  (171 KB)

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